It was frigid and windy as we endeavored to finish the last of our errands. But as we pulled into the parking lot and queued up in the drive thru at Popeye’s, we had only to place the order to receive our delicious reward. There was the usual silence that typically accompanied the beginning of each transaction.

“Ummm….are you paying cash?” A disembodied voice echoes through the squawk box. My husband shoots me a confused look.

“Yes,” we call back. My husband places our order, two 5 piece tenders, when suddenly, the voice interrupts.

“We can only do one order, our fryers are down. The power is out.” We realize that the frigid high speed winds must have knocked the power out. Stunned and furious, blood sugar dropping rapidly as we crest the apex of ultimate crankiness. We drive off, sans chicken in some kind of angry protest, all the while clucking to each other how awful it is and oh isn’t it so terrible, that this location is by far the worst one, and never have we been so insulted in all our days.

By the time I come to my senses, my options remain limited. Though I am ready to give up, I concede the miserable dunkin donut bagel. But, our crankiness and failure to communicate lead to further frustration and awkward driving patterns. By the time I get inside, I just want to get food and get out of there and back on track.

I grab a plain bagel with butter, and a mint hot chocolate for my husband. Turned out to be an even worse fail, because his diet wouldn’t really allow for the extra calories. Had I more forethought, I’d have been better off grabbing black coffee.

So, the universe wasn’t on our side, but we learned a valuable lesson about expectations while hungry. It was horrible how quickly our sense of direction faded, like pulling into a gas station on fumes and having only credit cards, they only take cash. The sinking moment of so close, yet so far, having to lug the sinking hull back out to sea. Timing is so important, and so is having a plan B.