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In the modern workplace, I feel like there is no way to avoid distraction. Today’s endeavor has left me with very little accomplished and much time wasted. Although I did manage to get some things done, I’m more frustrated than anything with the capacity that was wasted. A flawed curse seals the growing incompetence I feel at the hands of my own undoing. Really, though, I’m just more fixated on getting through the day and home to play more video games.

I was describing my current fixation on my new Zelda game for Wii to some people in my day to day life. Their reactions, while appropriate, made me very aware that not every 30-something is sitting home playing video games night after night. So, what, I say, I’m like a big kid. Sure, that’s part of it, but also there’s that sense of accomplishment in figuring out how to get through a temple or deciphering a puzzle in the game to make it to the next level. But beyond that, it just makes me happy.

For so much of my young life, I had to explain or rationalize why something made me happy. But these days, the need for excuses is over, because I’m accountable only to myself (and sometimes my husband). And, without the restriction and a reasonable amount of vacation time, that skyward sword is mine!