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Working in a large company, one is constantly being exposed to all manner of grossness. Most of the time, it’s localized to the break room and rest rooms. These days, the uptick in workplace illnesses has grown pretty quickly. Between the woman in the next office with the upper respiratory illness and the coworker who is outside with a GI bug, I’m certain it’s only a matter of time before I come down with one or both.

I was up this morning with some stomach upset at around 2:00 a.m. I chalked it up to eating poorly the day before, and the stress I was under in my day to day life. But, now that I’m awake and interacting with my day to day people, I’m beginning to wonder. The woman with the GI bug is out sick, as the illness that has worked its way through her entire family has finally befallen her as well.

The timing couldn’t be better, as I have a very early appointment tomorrow morning, and really need to get a full night’s sleep in order to be aware enough to function. Also, because our payroll is due, should I have to take a sick day tomorrow, the system would therefore need an override from my boss, creating yet another hassle. Oh, and taking a sick day on a Friday is a considered very bad form, not to mention suspicious from an HR perspective, and would warrant a very close examination of my time sheets in the coming months.

Although our policy seems pretty fair on taking sick time, basically translating to “Don’t come in to work if you’re sick” the implementation of said policy is a bit more convoluted. In order to take a sick day, one must create an “occurrence” for the unplanned time off. If one is out for three days or more, one must obtain a doctor’s note to return to work, which can be tricky, even getting an appointment is nearly impossible. Honestly, if I were so sick I couldn’t get to work for 3 days, it think it would be less likely that I would drag myself to the doctor, let alone out of bed.

At any rate, to be sick now would pretty much through a huge monkey wrench in our weekend plans, which included a party, trying seeing both sides of my husband’s family and meeting his friend’s new baby. I guess there is no ideal time to get sick, otherwise we’d all be scheduling it like everything else in life. But, seriously, this week is no good. How about next Thursday?