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For Christmas this year, Santa brought me a gift card for Golf Galaxy. I’ve been learning to play for about two years now, and really am enjoying it. The path hasn’t been easy and there are times where I really struggle, but even through that I am learning about myself and the power of saying “yes, I can.”

So, over the course of 2011, I bought six new clubs to supplement the eight others, which takes me to the maximum allowable number one can take onto a course. But, as I get more experience, my swing changes and further modifications will be needed.

I had the opportunity to take my clubs in for a fitting and earn triple loyalty points this month. As it turns out, my swing had a pretty recognizable flaw so the tech took some time to help me work on it. During the fitting, he noticed that my clubs were really long, which was probably not helping my errant swing. Considering these were from a basic starter kit, he said it wouldn’t make sense to pump $30 a club to cut and regrip each one. The trade in value for the entire set was like $20.

He offered to keep an eye out for good trade in sets in the spring, since I wasn’t a good fit for anything they had in the post holiday stock. We did cut down my driver and regrip that. In the few swings I took before we left, I already felt a difference.

I’m excited to get out and work on it. The weather has been mild, so a trip to the driving range would be feasible, even if it’s a bit chilly. Santa also brought me an iPad for Christmas, so I’m excited to use the video to get a good look at my swing.