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I’ve got the fire in my belly today. I wish I could say I’m surprised when the shining beacons of humanity that I must interact with on a daily basis can’t be bothered to do the simplest things, let alone their jobs. What absolutely blows my mind is how they can cash the check with a straight face and yet stand in absolute refusal to put in a fair day’s work. I don’t understand this overwhelming sense of entitlement.

Not that I’m without fault. I drop the ball in my own life as much as (I imagine)  the next person. I’m notorious for things like getting the mail. Netflix will often email to ask when my movies arrive to improve their performance numbers. They always give three dates, but never one with an asterisk and a comment box for me to explain that I totally spaced and didn’t grab the mail for three days.

Kenneth Cole gave the following quote on his collection on a recent episode of  Project Accessory: “Every day, we have to earn the right to be chosen.” I think when one carves out their own living, they are holding themselves to a standard that those of us who rely on others for work simply don’t feel. Having never fully relied on my own endeavors for complete sustenance, I can’t feel the same way that someone like Kenneth Cole probably feels. To know that one’s own mistakes have real time financial repercussions must put tremendous pressure to get it right. I think, the failure of the American worker (or at least those of us who aren’t self employed) is the lack of real consequences.