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It is days like today that are either perfectly amazing or fraught with inflicted histrionics, the latter of which can morph an ordinarily acceptable holiday into a barely containable rage in nanoseconds.

I don’t wish to involve myself with certain individuals who are given to such dramatic displays. Some people would take an imposed restriction would imply that a serious rift has formed and that through introspection, might warrant apology or at least appreciation in boundaries as they are set forth.

And yet, we were faced with a more child-like tantrum approach complemented by passive-aggressive Facebook commenting, which was the last straw. One begins to wonder what associating with anyone who behaves like that adds to the supposed happy experience of life.

Today, while one hoped for peaceful silence, the reality of the dysfunctional individual is like removing tar. There is no easy disentanglement. It was naive of me to expect it to be anything otherwise.

The truth is that I am determined to remain steadfast and resolute. It is in the darkest moments that being true to one’s self is most important.