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I have this awesome friend who understands my silly sense of humor and is basically my outlet for each and every bit of nonsense that runs through my brain. I often email, mail, text or call her with very silly things that I run across in my day to day life. Most of the time, I am able to convey what I need to say not only with passable manual dexterity, but also with appropriate, if not excellent, comedic timing. Last night, however, was not one of those moments. Since we upgraded our phones from the clearly dated flip phone to something with a querty keyboard, I have been struggling with the tiny buttons and creating tiny fails that aren’t really that funny or worth sharing. However, after hearing another hilarious out of context phrase spouting from the television, I decided to share with my friend via text. And, since I’m posting here, you can logically deduce that it did not go very well. The following is a transcription of this epic texting fail.

this piece

dang it. I hit enter instead of backspace. quick! finish the text.

this piece is not gonna end up as one of bobon

crap another error. enter standard correction verbiage and finish the sentence.

shit. bobos homemade banjos.

and now the finished thought.

This piece is not gonna end up as one of bobo’s homemade banjos. There.

and in case she’s still scratching her head at the hot mess of a text:

God I hate this phone.

Fortunately, as the other half of my brain living inconveniently in another person would react, she totally got it and replied thusly:

You are a loon. And for this, I loff you.

Thank goodness, otherwise this hilarious quote which I overheard from an episode of American Pickers on the History Channel would be lost to the ages, unable to be taken out of context and repeated ad nauseum for the rest of my silly days.