I swear there is no food stuff that makes me happier than breakfast sandwiches. Whether slaking off a long-night’s sleep, having a mid-morning snack or rewarding one’s self for getting out of the house on time with a few minutes to spare, the delectation of cheese, egg, meat and bread cannot be topped. My favorite is to stop at a reputable bagel shop. I typically order the holy grail which is an everything bagel toasted, with (and this is very important) scrambled eggs, grilled Taylor ham (aka Pork Roll), and american cheese.

Years ago, I used to believe in the hype that was fast food style breakfast sandwiches. Since then, I have been going rogue and patronizing more local establishments, and the end result has never been better. I did attempt to have a burger king sandwich one morning before going golfing. It was a huge mistake, as I learned later. Whatever neurotoxin they’re putting in fast food these days really did a number on me because I was not equipped for a four hour round of golf. I played worse than usual simply because all my energy was completely zapped. Never again, I swore to myself.

I have, and still do, patronize the local Wawa for their pre-fab ready-made sandwiches before golfing. Although they usually don’t have any pork roll ones down here, like the do in Pennsylvania, the bacon will do just fine in a pinch. Sometimes, if you time it just right, they use mini-croissants instead of bagels. It’s days like that where you score a mini-croissant sammich, the sky opens up and the sun shines down a special beam of light onto your now full tummy and you just know it’s going to be a great day.