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I begin this entry by saying that our trip to Hilton Head almost didn’t happen. My beloved husband was snagged at airport security by one of those full body scanners for failing to remove his cell phone from his pocket. Bearing in mind that the “new ” cell phone we had purchased, as a last available phone met the minimal basic requirements (had a qwerty keyboard and didn’t require a data plan) but left much to be desired. At this stage in the game, we refused to purchase a data plan simply to have more access to phones with keyboards. I am not looking to have more time with my cell phone. If anything, I am looking to reduce that time. So, we bought these god-awful phones. First off, I can see why TSA thought he was a terrorist. The phone looks like a bomb detonator. Secondly, upon closer inspection of the device, I can see how even the most savvy agent would struggle to discover the thing is a phone. So after much posturing, loud and angry words, the agents won and groped my husband, violated his sense of dignity, not to mention arguably his civil rights and let him to proceed without arrest.

The remainder of the wait for our flight was quite tense, as I was able to pick out at least two very likely air marshals who I assume were sent along to keep an eye on us. The high and tight haircuts gave them away. Later I did see the airline lanyard and name tags. They eyed us suspiciously from a safe but definitely close-able distance should things go awry. In the end, my husband’s true character shone through as he came to the assistance of an elderly passenger who was seated nearby. Earlier an airline employee brought her to the gate, but left without alerting the other employee to her presence. My husband gently took her arm and helped her walk to the nearby food kiosk so she could keep her newly discovered diabetes managed. When it came time to board, he kindly took her to the front of the line so they could get a wheelchair for her. While most people would take this as an opportunity to attempt to board early, he simply returned to his seat to wait for our zone to be called. The air marshals, who had been eyeing this activity with much suspicion, relaxed and our boarding and flight continued uneventfully.