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Consider if you will, that you live in a neighborhood. In it, among the homes, in which people own, spend their time, and generally maintain, there is a common area, a small grassy area where kids can play and people can picnic. Then, over time a small group of inconsiderate people begin to litter and allow their dogs to crap without cleaning up after them.

After a while, people stop hanging out there, because it’s a mess and although signs are posted with rules and request for consideration, the offenders continue their bad behavior. Eventually, a bunch of crazy homeless people show up and begin squatting in this area. They set barrel fires and leave their own mess all over the place, and begin to hassle the neighbors who try to get them to leave. Sometimes, the cops are called, and they clear out for a few days, but they always come back. Finally, after the neighbors have had enough, they ask a few to go over and confront the squatters, which only makes them angry.

Now the crazy homeless people begin to deface the houses of the people who confronted them, and start taking dumps in their lawns and smearing it on their windows. They follow them out to their cars when they leave the house, screaming obscenities and trying to generally make them miserable. So, having no other option than to argue with a crazy homeless person who smells like crap, the neighbors move away and go on with their lives somewhere else. Although they are sad to leave behind their friends and the value of the neighborhood decreases even more because this behavior continues after they leave, it was the best decision for them. So, when trolls take over your happy little homepage, its just time to move on.